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  1. What items are included in the Phottix Tetra with 2 receivers?
  2. What items are needed for a studio setup?
  3. What is the finish inside of Phottix EW78E
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  7. What does green colour mean in the Phottix HMC UV filter (green colour)?
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  9. Is Phottix Pop-up diffuser compatibale with Canon 500D
  10. Can the Phottix Cleon 2 Wire/Wireless Remote set be used with Sony A330
  11. Can original Canon 550D charger be used with Phottix LPE8
  12. Optical triggers by Phottix
  13. Launch of Phottix Battery grip for Canon 550D
  14. Can Phottix Premium Series 5D Mark II grip take one LPE6 battery only
  15. Does Phottix Wired / Wireless remote trigger video DSLR recording function
  16. Can Phottix Popup-diffuser support Sony Alpha cameras
  17. Will Phottix Universal cord work with Nikon D40 and Nikon SB400
  18. How many shots can the Phottx Nikos timer remote take?
  19. Will the Phottix Tetra work with Canon 1000D and Nissin Di866
  20. Difference between Phottix Cleon II and Plato wireless/wired remote
  21. Difference in voltage of Phottix LP-E8 with orginal Canon battery
  22. Phottix Atlas manual
  23. Phottix Geo One battery drain
  24. Phottix CPL Slim will cause vignetting on 10mm sigma?
  25. Images turn out half dark when using Phottix Aster
  26. How to re-establish pairing between Phottix Plato transmitter and receiver
  27. Sneak Preview - Phottix Strato 4-in-1 Trigger
  28. Phottix UV filter 77mm HMC Slim
  29. Is the Phottix Aster compatible with Tumax DPT386 AFZ flash unit?
  30. Sigma EF-500 DG ST super with Phottix radio triggers
  31. Can Phottix Universal TTL cord duo work with Canon EZ540 and EX550
  32. Phottix Cleon II: Does it work with Olympus E620?
  33. Phottix Strato 2.4 GHz 4 in 1 Wireless Trigger
  34. Can battery source be chosen at will when Phottix battery grip is connected to 40D
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  36. Difference between Atlas and strato
  37. Phottix Portable Lights - The PPL Series!!
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  42. Battery and Charger for Canon 300D
  43. Phottix Battery grip for Nikon D3100 and Canon EOS 60D
  44. Phottix Stratos 4-in-1 Trigger compatibility
  45. Phottix Atlas Compatibility to Phottix Aster Receiver
  46. 3rd party battery grip for Nikon D7000 Phottix Meike
  47. Nikon Wired Remote for Nikon D3100 - Any Phottix Pixel or JYC brand?
  48. Stratos Compatability
  49. Can Phottix Strato 2.4 GHz support multiple burst shot wirelessly ??
  50. trouble with Stratos triggering SB-900 & SB-400
  51. Launch of Phottix Strato II !!
  52. Suitability of Strato Mark 2 with old and new Strato receivers
  53. Phottix battery Grip for D90 drains battery?
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  62. Phottix Atlas II - smaller, faster, further
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  64. Phottix BG-D800 Battery Grip for Nikon D800 DSLR
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  66. Are the Phottix Atlas II compatible with the Sekonic L-358 triggering module?
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  70. Phottix Mitros+ power output issue via odin ii transmitter