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  • Red Dot Photo @ Sitex 2010

    Red Dot Photo @ SITEX 2010

    25 to 28 Nov 2010
    11am to 9pm
    Singapore Expo Hall 6, Booth 6A18

    Sitex 2010: Best Photography Deals!

    Click on the headers to get more details of each offer!

    9 Inches of clarity - Phottix Hector 9HD monitor

    Nine inches of Full High Definition LCD screen for preview, review and focusing - this is a great addition to any photographer/videographer in the era of Video-DLSR. It has HDMI, S Video, AV and Y/PB/PR connections, as well as shutter release, bulb mode and AF functions. This screen is a must for all video lovers! Price ~ $699, TBC

    Spread your photos like a FLU! - Trek Flu-card

    Wireless file transfer has never been easier, with the Made-in-Singapore Trek Flu-card. An essentially 8Gig SDHC card with built in wireless function. Only at a never-before $109 at the Sitex

    Powerful Portable lights - Phottix PPL200 & PPL400 lights

    The long awaited portable strobes from Phottix, packing a powerful 200/400 Watts(depending on model), this comes with a light weight poly-Li battery pack for the mobile strobist! Price to be $600+, TBC

    Jus' the right tripod - Jusino Tripod Launch

    Looking for the right tripod is not easy. Red Dot Photo has sourced for this alternative tripod which are light, sturdy and very cost effective! Check out the range of Jusino tripods at our booth!

    Wireless TTL Flash - Nissin Di622 Mark 2

    With 3 new features, the Nissin Di622 Mark 2 is key to entry level flash! Suitable for Canon and Nikon DSLRs, this is the perfect flash for beginners and amateurs! All flash comes with bundle with AA rechargeable batteries!

    Got charge? Maha/Powerex batteries/charger offers

    Get your hands on the battery charger brand that professionals trust their livelihood on - The Maha range of battery chargers.

    Also trade in your old AA batteries for an all new pack of AA imedions at only $16!

    C, N, and others

    Looking for a camera or other photography products?

    Red Dot Photo will showcase the best deals for Canon, Nikon and other major manufacturers. Keep an eye on our portals for more!

    Our dedicated Sitex 2010 Forum can be found by clicking here!
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      Thank you all for dropping by our booth to support us!
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