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Shurtape Gaffer Tape is now available in Singapore!

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"If you don't have a roll of gaffer's tape in your studio, put down this book, go online and order a few rolls right now. Not duct tape. Not electrical tape. Graffer's tape! It's one of those things that once you have it, you'll wonder how you got through a shoot without it (ask any studio photographyer). You'll use it for everything from holding grid spots in place, to fixing a gap in softbox, to keeping things together when doing product shots, to... I could go on and on."

From Scott Kelby, The Digital Photography Book Vol3

Gaffer tape is widely used by Photographers, Videographers, Sound & production crew on a daily basis to protect their equipment against the elements. Shurtape Gaffer is finally launched in Singapore by Red Dot Photo. The top choice in the USA, Shurtape Gaffer leaves minimal residue on surfaces. Use gaffer tape to protect lenses, camera bodies, tripods or hold literally anything together! Shurtape Gaffer tape - Don't leave home without it!

Shurtape Gaffer tape can be purchase online at and leading photography stores.