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    Article: Sun Sniper camera strap in Singapore!

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    wow..looks steady! Wonder how good the shock Absorber is!

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    Wah!!!.. Look damn interesting..I would like to get one and try it out!!!

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    I think need to wait for more reviews on the Sun-sniper straps first before making any conclusions. The specs and looks are very good, similar to the Blackrapid straps, with extra shock absorption but without the adaptive pockets system of Blackrapid.

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    Is there any reviews on the sun-sniper straps? I wanna see the difference between the blackrapid and the sun-sniper.

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    looks ugly, a bit like bagman

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    Hope you guys ( RDP ) make a comparison video of Blackrapid & Sunsniper.. Which one is more worthy to buy.

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    I think both are good.

    The Sunsniper straps are all curved..similar to the RS7. The new modular system for BR can be good for some..but bad for others..(like the fastener in the RS7.which doesn't make any sense as it is dangerous). The RS5 has a large pocket which one can put in small handphones?

    The new 'BEAR' ball bearing camera screw from Sun Sniper is really interesting and priced at a premium.

    There're also other sling straps on the market such as the PHottix Velo quick strap and the Q-strap from China.

    Sling straps are definitely the way for photographers now.

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