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    Godox products

    GODOX 'Monix' EX Series portable monolite is designed for professional outdoor shooting. It features fast recycling time, less than 2.5s under full power (600WS). Clear digital screen shows 9 steps precise output controlled by CPU. The change of aperture is less than 0.1 when the exposure photometer is set at 1/60s and 1/500s. More than 180 times flashes with full power (600WS). Battery recharging is safe and stable,which can be done by car charger. Ex series contains EX400 and EX600.

    Model EX400 EX600 EXR400
    Max Power Output 400WS 600WS 400WS
    Power Variation 9 steps
    Guide Number 52 68 52
    Modelling Lamp 12V 20W
    Recycle Time (Full Light) 1.8s 2.5s 2.5s
    Illumination Angle 65°
    Rated Voltage Of The Charger AC 100V-240V 50/60HZ
    Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH battery
    Battery Charge Mode Outside connected AC charging/Automobile 12VDC
    Battery Loading & Unloading Built-in (replaceable)
    Full Charge Indication Green light

    Power Pack:
    Adjust the power control button (2 &3) to change the number from 1 to 9. You can get the precise flash output displayed on digital LED screen (4).
    1-9: 1 stands for the minimum power, 9 for the maximum power, and so forth. There are 9 steps of flash output.
    L: Low battery, it needs recharging.
    E: Battery is run out or overheated.
    If caused by the latter, please turn off the power and let it cool off before use. It is very safe.

    Battery Charging:
    AC Charging
    Automobile 12V DC charging by the provided cigar lighter cord.

    Flash Head
    Compare with the traditional outdoor portable flash, it features as its detachable flash head. Its reflector can be dismantled from the flash head, enabling you to use accessories like softbox,barndoor kit and snoot, offering kinds of light effect on location shooting as easily as in the studio. It equips with umbrella holder where you can mount various reflective umbrellas.
    The handle can be dismantled from the flash head. You can fix the flash head on tripod or light stand, and attach onto the hot shoe mount.

    The kit contains:
    Flash head with handle *1 pcs
    Power pack *1 pcs
    Battery pack *1 pcs
    Charger *1 pcs
    Wireless remote trigger RT-02 *1 set
    Aluminum case *1pcs
    Soft cap *1 pcs
    Sync cord *1 pcs
    1.5-meter power cord *1 pcs
    Vehicle cigarette lighter cord *1 pcs
    Power pack bag *1 pcs

    Accessories (optional)
    You can select our soft box to make light softer, which is very easy to set up. Here we have two sizes for you:
    Model: EX6060 (Size: 60cmX60cm)
    Model: EX80 (Size: Octa ø80cm)

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    Godox PorPack 820 ( our Hot seller )

    Battery Pack with Belt Clip,Universal

    Charger,Car Charger,Instruction Manual

    Battery Type

    Special High Quality Ni-MH battery with capacity of 9.6V/2000mAH (No Memory).

    Flash Times

    It provides up to 320 full-power flashes with Canon 580EX2,Nikon SB900 and Sony F58AM Flashes, on a single 2-hrs charge.

    Remaining Power Indicator

    4-Led Display Power monitor tells you exactly how much power remains.

    Low power Indicator

    Green LED light flickers warning when power gets low and a charging indicator that gives the status of charge.

    Safe & Reliable Protection

    Protected against overheating,high voltage,low voltage and overuse,well protect both user and device.

    Compact & Slim Design

    Slim,comfortable & portable case. Belt Clip&Shoulder Strap Loops included, make you easy to transport, or drop it in your camera bag.

    Dimensions & Color

    6.1 x 4 x 1.7"; Green or Black

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    OutDoor Leappower

    GODOX LEADPOWER Inverter is designed in accordance with the industrial standard. Featured by excellent performance, powerful function, reliable stability and portable design, it becomes the ideal solution of outdoor AC power supply and indoor emergency supply. It is equipped with the professional optimization and dual modes including flash & non-flash mode and can be applied widely.

    Adopting built-in battery structure, the inverter is supplied with high-quality NI-MH battery, which features convenient replacement. Besides, the standard charger is capable of charging the battery inside or outside the body. The external interface of anode and cathode can be connected with an external storage battery to supply the energy longer.

    Powerful as a mini generator, LEADPOWER LP-750 can drive up 3000ws equipment with recycle time of 2s. Also, it is constructed for flash of 600ws to flash 380 times in full power, and for electrical devices with max.750W power consumption. It drives a 100 W halogen lamp for up to 60 minutes. (Source: Godox Photo Equipment Co., Ltd)

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    All can be Purchase at
    No 5 Coleman Street #02-18
    Excelsior Shopping Center Singapore 179805
    Call : 63362273
    Camera Accessories store
    No 3 Coleman Street #02-21
    Peninsula Shopping Center Singapore 179804
    Call : 63362273
    Studio equipment dept

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