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Visit us at SITEX Booth 6A18 for the latest Chromage deals! All Chromage products come with one-year local warranty, so you can be assured that you get the best support.

Chromage Battery Grips

Shoot vertical and shoot longer with Chromage battery grips! Fit two batteries to your camera and add a portrait orientation shutter release, control dial, and buttons to your camera. Able to take two li-ion battery packs or six AA-sized batteries, Chromage battery grips extend your cameras shooting capabilities.

Chromage Camera Batteries

Chromage batteries are available for many popular camera models! High-quality third-party batteries for your digital cameras. Use your original chargers to charge them, no additional chargers necessary! Visit us at SITEX or visit our online store to check if your camera is compatible.

Chromage UV and CPL Filters

High-quality Chromage UV filters are available at SITEX! With ultraslim construction and multicoated optical glass, Chromage UV filters protect your lens from dust, dirt, scratches, and fingerprints. Lab-tested with a high 96% light transmission rate! Useable with your existing lens caps, no specialised lens caps needed.

Chromage CPL filters are available as well!

Chromage Flash Triggers

Chromage brings you classic PT-04 flash triggers, no-frills reliability for strobists everywhere! With 4-channel capability, receivers running on AAA batteries, a sync-speed of 1/250s and an effective distance of up to 30m, these flash triggers are fully-featured.

Chromage PT-04 flash receivers feature a flash holder for holding an umbrella or umbrella-type softbox. Visit our booth to check it ou!

Chromage Wired Remotes

The Chromage wired remote can be used to take long exposure/star trials/night scenery/fireworks easily with the lock button function. Available for a wide range of camera brands and models, visit our booth to enquire about compatibility!