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With a full range of studio and strobist products, Red Dot Photo has what you need for your on- and off-camera flash photography. Visit us at SITEX booth 6A18 to check out the gear you need to take your lighting to the next level!

Gamilight - Ultraportable Speedlight Kits

An up-and-coming name in the flash modifier market, Gamilight makes an appearance at SITEX 2011! Gamilight's unique speedlight modifiers have taken the strobist world by storm. All Gamilight products are lightweight and ultraportable, allowing you to take control of light anytime, anywhere. Visit our booth to view the different Gamilight modifiers and see what's suitable for you!

Westcott - Softboxes and Umbrellas

Westcott is famous for their lighting products, and Red Dot Photo is proud to bring them to you once again at SITEX 2011! Products include the reknowned Westcott Apollo umbrella-type softboxes and their unique collapsible umbrellas with removable covers.

Visico - Reliable Studio Setups

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Known for their reliability and value-for-money, Visico strobes feature the popular bowens-mount for softboxes and other studio lighting modifiers, opening up a world of lighting control for Visico users. Red Dot Photo offers a full-range of studio setups that can be catered to your needs. If you're looking to set up a studio, be it commercially or at home, don't hesitate to visit us at our booth and speak to us!