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If you're interested in DSLR video, Red Dot Photo has the gear you need to get started. From LED video lights to viewfinders, steadicam rigs to on-camera microphones, we have it all at affordable prices. Come down and test out the many options you have to get started as a DSLR videographer.

LED Video Lights

LED light panels provide continuous lighting to ensure consistent exposure for your videos. Manufactured with high-quality colour-corrected LEDs! Our LED video lights have adjustable light levels and run on AA batteries, with adapters available for select camera battery models. Visit our booth to find out more!


If you find ithard to manually focus while shooting video with your DSLR, a viewfinder is what you need. It attaches magnetically to your DSLR LCD screen, magnifying the screen and providing a simple solution for your manual focus woes.


Consistently achieve smooth panning and movement in your videos with the MotionPro Stabiliser! Just set focus, hit record, and go! Watch the video below for an example of the MotionPro Stabiliser in action. Visit us at our SITEX booth to get a feel of the steadicam and give it a go!


Good video is nothing without good audio; pair your DSLR with excellent sound quality using our videomics! Our best-selling VM-50 condenser shotgun microphone is an excellent choice; watch the video below and see why!