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    The CamRanger: Wireless Remote Control and Tethering for DSLRs


    INTRODUCING THE CAMRANGER, a wireless remote control and tethering device, compatible with iPhone/iPad, Andriod, Mac, Windows

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    The CamRanger Wireless Transmitter for Select Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras from CamRanger allows you to wirelessly control your DSLR and view and share images via your mobile device (Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad and Andriod phones/tablets compatible). Remotely access advanced features, functions and settings, such as live view, intervalometer, bulb mode for shutter, and HDR bracketing, in addition to photo capture, movie recording, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, metering mode, drive/shooting mode, image format, focus mode (Nikon only), focus stacking, auto exposure mode (Nikon only), exposure compensation, bracketing and software autofocus toggle.

    The CamRanger creates an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network to which an iOS or Android device or a Mac or Windows computer can connect. The free CamRanger iOS app then enables camera control without the need for a computer or existing Internet connection. The effective wireless range is 150 ft (45m). The device is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later.

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    For a full list of compatible DSLRs, see the following:
    Canon Camera Compatibility Chart
    Nikon Camera Compatibility Chart

    Live View
    Stream live view images from the camera to your iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch (iOS 4.3 or later), Android device (Android 3.2 or later) or Mac OS 10.7/10.8 or Windows 7/8 computer. Double-tap screen to increase magnification. With the touch focus feature, you can tap once to focus on an area or make incremental focus adjustments. Additionally, perform focus stacking. Approximate frame rate is 8-18 fps, depending upon camera

    Take and View Pictures
    Wirelessly capture images in multiple drive modes. Thumbnails automatically appear on the top of your device's screen after you capture a photo. Tap a thumbnail to view the image and its histogram and associated meta-data. Images are saved to your camera's memory card and can also be transferred to your iOS device

    View Full Resolution

    Double-tap an image to view it in full resolution. CamRanger supports full-screen mode to maximize image size. Toggle among a variety of overlays, including AF points, highlight, shadow, grid lines and aspect ratio

    Movie Recording
    Start and stop video capture and view it while you record. Perform focus adjustments and touch focusing

    Intervalometer and Bulb

    Configure the CamRanger as an intervalometer to take time-lapse pictures. Bulb mode is supported for specific shutter speeds. There's no need for the iOS device to remain connected after the initial setup

    Wirelessly View and Set Camera Properties

    Control shutter speed, aperture, ISO, metering mode, metering mode, drive/shooting mode, image format, focus mode (Nikon only), auto exposure mode (Nikon only), exposure compensation and bracketing, and software autofocus toggle for switching between AF and MF.

    HDR / Advanced Bracketing
    Configure the CamRanger to capture a series of photos, automatically varying shutter speed, aperture or ISO. Images can then be combined via third-party post-processing software into a single exposure with greater dynamic range.

    View Memory Card Contents
    See thumbnails of the images stored on your camera's memory card. Select photos to be permanently deleted or download them and save them in the iOS photo library.

    Macro Photography and Focus Stacking

    Great for macro work, when the extremely short focusing distance can increase the effects of camera shake; eliminate blur in your close-ups by remotely triggering the camera's shutter, rather than pressing the shutter button. Also makes it easier to physically shoot in the awkward locations in which you commonly find yourself during macro shooting. Additionally, you can perform focus stacking to enhance depth of field (post-processing required). Focus stacking is bracketed focusing similar to HDR but designed for focal planes.

    Studio Photography / Client Mode

    Switch to client mode to disable camera control on the iOS device. Shoot while holding the camera and simultaneously view images on your iOS device. This allows clients, directors and associates to quickly view the wirelessly-transferred shots after they're captured. The CamRanger application also includes optional watermarks for viewing or saving on the image. Additionally, there is a rating system and comparison feature for the clients during the photo shoot. When working on a Mac or Windows computer, you can instantly import and view images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as you shoot them.

    Compatibility with X-Rite's Color Calibrator

    The CamRanger iOS app is compatible with X-Rite's ColorTRUE, a color calibration tool used to accurately correct color. The CamRanger app can seamlessly access the ColorTRUE profile within the app, allowing you to view images with accuracy. If you like, you can select from a number of predefined environments, such as Outdoors and Office, to display images based on ambient light with greater accuracy. Easily toggle the ColorTRUE calibration on or off for each image from within the app. X-Rite devices supported with the iOS version of ColorTRUE include ColorMunki Smile, ColorMunki Display, i1Pro 2 and i1Display Pro.

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    The Camranger is available at our Red Dot Photo online store soon.


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