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    Angry Phottix Mitros+ power output issue via odin ii transmitter

    When firing the Mitros + remotely via the odin ii trigger (Mitros + in remote odin rx mode) it works fine via TTL from the trigger, but when I use manual mode on the trigger, it outputs way too much power, i.e. 1/128 output the same power as 1/8.

    When using a Nikon SB910 on an odin receiver, there is no issue, i.e. when the Nikon SB910 is in TTL mode on the receiver, and the odin ii trigger is in manual mode, I can fine tune the power output all the way from 1/128 to 1/1.

    I purchased a Mitros + for nikon last year when I had the odin trigger and had this issue, I put it down to a faulty flash unit and returned it. Now a year later I purchased a new Mitros + for Nikon, and I have the odin ii trigger and I have the same issue on my Nikon D810.

    There must be others with this issue, currently I really need to fire the Mitros+ remotely with manual power adjustment.

    Any feedback on this issue would be great, thanks

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    have you tried to update the firmware on all the products.

    Also consider bringing back to the store which you purchased to do a AB testing with a new unit to eliminate some of the uncertainty.

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    I had the same issue
    i updated with 1.14 firmware to fix the problem.
    do not update with 1.17, it would be impossible to change channel and group !
    firmware 1.14 can be found at phottix support.

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