When Im doing a house set I can differentiate myself with scratching live beat mixing , sometimes making mastakes they realise they are listening to a live Dj rather than listening to a premix some local dj got off the net . , However with Jazz and Rnb sessions I find that harder to do .with differnt BPMs etc .
I do use my Hi pass filter to mix in some tracks and use the Serato combo fade echo on some tracks as well to mix it up .My wife thinks I should just give up and play premixes and lipsink Djing like the other Djs here. I cant do that as I love mixing and see that as cheating . But im losing gigs to guys using ( other professional real Djs ) slick premixes ( that they got off the net etc ) and lip sinking Djing .
So Im looking at was to make my RnB and Jazz sessions more interesting ..
P.s using serato and a Reloop TM8
thanks for your help

Please help.

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