The study first revealed that packaging has a direct impact on product satisfaction, but only 11% of global consumers are completely satisfied with packaging today. This means that 89% of people believe that the current offer leaves something to be desired in one way or another.

The study then determined the attributes of packaging to which consumers are most attentive. The main feature is to prevent the product from spilling, and 80% of respondents identified this as a function of the package. Just behind, nearly 78% of respondents mentioned the fact that the packaging "is designed to allow the product to go out easily", while 71% of consumers expected the package to allow the product to be "easy to open". All this seems simple enough, and even a little obvious. However, this section of the statistics also reveals that 45% of consumers expect packaging to be made from environmentally friendly materials,

The study then examined the impact of packaging on behavior when shopping. In terms of in-store shopping, 64% of shoppers tried a product because the packaging caught their eye, while 41% bought a product only because of the way the product was packaged. 36% admitted to having changed brands due to a negative packaging experience. All of this illustrates the importance given to packaging when buying products. The packaging really makes the difference.

But the influence of packaging is not limited to the stores because it also affects the buying habits of consumers online. The results suggest that in-store product packaging causes 29% of respondents to search for more product information, while 20% engage with an online brand / business (like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter account, etc.) because of the packaging observed at the time of the races. In addition, 22% wrote online reviews specifically mention packaging, while 18% mentioned product packaging on social media. This shows that the influence of the packaging does not stop when you leave the store. The packaging leaves a lasting impression.

Finally, the study revealed the countries that are most influenced by packaging. Among respondents in India, 71% said that packaging is important for overall product satisfaction, 70% in Turkey and 60% in Brazil. For the United Kingdom, the figure is much lower at just 21%, which still represents one in five people who base product satisfaction on packaging.

For us, the statistics are of course interesting, but in the end they do not tell us anything we do not already know. We are well aware that packaging has a huge impact on the consumer's approach when shopping. We know that sustainability is more and more important. We know that packaging has a direct influence on consumer choice. We know that good packaging stays in people's minds. But it is interesting to show that the statistics confirm this information. Our goal is to try to reduce the number that suggests that the current packaging leaves something to be desired. Innovation is essential to this and innovation is our priority.